The Acupuncturist


Maragret Head shot

Margaret Miller qualified in Civil Engineering before discovering her interest in acupuncture.  She worked in several Developing Countries, managing projects to install basic water supplies and sanitation.  During the course of her work, she spent 2 years in Tibet and China, where she encountered traditional oriental medicine.

In 2004, Margaret obtained a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) after a 3 year course at Westminster University.  She went on to study for a further year in China, gaining a post graduate certificate in Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Chinese Medicine from Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine University.

Margaret is constantly upgrading her skills through additional training under the British Acupuncture Council Continuing Professional Development programme.

In recent years, Margaret  has concentrated on studying styles that treat pain from distal points alone.  She finds that results from these styles are much faster and longer lasting than those experienced with other approaches.  Distal needling has allowed Margaret to start a Community Acupuncture clinic, since treatment can be carried out easily without requiring patients to undress.

Margaret believes that acupuncture is a fantastic therapy that should be available to all and is therefore working hard to build up Community Acupuncture alongside her regular practice.